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Assessing the Whole Picture

Self-funding (often referred to as self-insurance) can have many advantages for both private sector and public employers, including more input in health plan design and better control over rising medical benefit costs. It isn’t the right fit for every employer, though, and making the switch takes some careful consideration and in-depth analysis.

Many employers will start the process of research and discovery by having their HR team work with prospective third party administrator (TPA) firms to determine feasibility.

As the two parties meet, these are just some of the points that are typically addressed:

The Best Health Plan for Your Workforce?

The self-funding industry continues to grow as companies of all types and industries across the U.S. choose this plan model to offer group benefits. To decide if this structure is right for you and your workforce, there are a number of factors to consider. These include everything from the financials, funding and risk tolerance to claims data, desired health coverage and resources available to manage administration and compliance.


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