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Cost Containment Solutions for Employee Benefits

Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Solutions

Custom Design Benefits delivers exceptional customer service and cost-effective solutions to our clients by offering tailored employee benefits administration services. Our comprehensive solutions and well-managed health plans help our customers attract and retain the best talent, all without breaking the bank.

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Full Service & Fully Customizable

Self-Funded Health Plans

At Custom Design Benefits, we keep businesses competitive by managing risks associated with their benefit plans and reducing their health benefits spend through self-funding. Simply put, we help our clients put their money back into their business while providing high quality, attractive benefit plans to employees. CDB offers complete administration of self-funded plans including:

  • Medical with PBM Integration
  • Dental
  • Vision

We also offer Hybrid Insurance Products (HIP)

HIPs are employer-funded accounts used to supplement the primary carrier’s plan. HIP plans pay a portion of expenses directly to the healthcare provider. Each HIP Plan is unique to the employer who offers it. HIP Plans allow employers to offer an additional benefit to employees by making their healthcare costs more manageable.

Custom Flex Services

We believe the key to attracting and retaining top employee talent is offering highly coveted value-added services to enhance an employer’s existing benefits package. CDB works with employers to complement their health plans with these consumer-driven services:

  • Flexible Spending Accounts
    • Medical
    • Dependent Child Care
    • Adoption
    • Transportation
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Cost Containment Solutions

CDB is dedicated to delivering innovative cost containment solutions like TrueCost and TrueCost Rx to our clients. TrueCost represents the future of reimbursement. The unique copay-only plan design removes the complexity from the payment process by eliminating coinsurance and deductibles, while simultaneously controlling costs. TrueCost Rx, a prescription benefit management solution, provides savings over traditional PBM models through member education, medical management and specialty drug prior authorizations.

CDB offers the following cost containment solutions:

  • TrueCost Reference-Based Pricing
  • Bundled payments and Centers of Excellence
  • Telemedicine with behavioral health & EAP
  • Innovate 360 - Integrated patient advocacy
  • Direct Primary Care

Compliance Administration & Support Solutions

Remaining compliant is a challenge for employers and continues to frustrate even the most experienced HR professionals. CDB takes the guesswork out of compliance with our team of dedicated experts leading compliance administration and the below support solutions:

  • COBRA Administration
  • FMLA and Leave Management
  • Short-term Disability
  • Compliance Support

Medical and Pharmacy Risk Management Services

CDB believes well designed plans have a positive effect on an employer's population and overall bottom line.

  • TrueCost Rx - Reference-Based Pricing on Pharmacy
  • Independent Specialty Drug Prior Authorizations
  • Custom Care Population Health Management
  • In-House Utilization & Case Management

Custom Design Benefits puts the benefits back in health plans.

Learn more about our custom solutions today.

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